Tandoori Asparagus

I discovered the delicate flavours of asparagus as an adult.  My mum never cooked it and I'm not sure she has tasted it even to this day.  The British asparagus season is short-lived but this year I created this lightly spiced dish that is great either as a starter or as a vegetarian barbecue dish.

In other news, my talented nieces have been creating food videos and this one shows you three delicious smoothie recipes in three minutes.  Enjoy.

Chilli roasted tomatoes

One of Steve's favourite childhood memories is eating fresh tomatoes grown by his grandfather straight from the vine.  We always have several punnets of tomatoes in the fridge and every week we use any excess to make this dish.

They are great with sandwiches, salads, barbecues, picnics or just as a cheeky nibble as you walk by the fridge.

Lemon and sultana rye cookies

Steve is away bivvy bagging* in Norway this week.  Whilst it has been lovely to have a week to myself - catching up with friends, enjoying the peace and quiet, sleeping diagonally across the bed... - I have missed him and am planning a menu of his favourite foods for his return on Sunday.

Potato salad without mayonnaise

Steve has an aversion to mayonnaise so extreme that he treats any food served with a white sauce with scepticism.  The recipe below is made with creme fraiche and tastes great - especially with a barbeque on a hot summer day.  If you want a low fat version substitute natural set yogurt with the creme fraiche.