Potato salad without mayonnaise

Steve has an aversion to mayonnaise so extreme that he treats any food served with a white sauce with scepticism.  The recipe below is made with creme fraiche and tastes great - especially with a barbeque on a hot summer day.  If you want a low fat version substitute natural set yogurt with the creme fraiche.

Terrine of goats' cheese and truffle mustard served with a salad and walnut oil vinaigrette

The first time I tasted Maille's mustard with Chablis and black truffles was in Selfridges food hall last Christmas.  The flavours were so concentrated and rich that I couldn't stop myself from exclaiming aloud - I really needed my own jar and I wasn't going to share it with anyone.  I then saw the premium price tag, put the jar back on the shelf, and resolved to add it to my Christmas list for this year.   In a happy turn of events, however,  I recently received a gift set from Maille containing a jar of their mustard with white wine, celeriac and black truffle along with a bottle of walnut oil.  Feeling inspired, I have created this recipe for goat's cheese terrine that showcases these two condiments in a fabulous seasonal starter.

Peppers stuffed with spiced lamb

Since doing my Cordon Bleu diploma I've been finding dinner parties increasingly stressful.  I seem to feel that unless I have spent 12 hours cooking then I haven't really made an effort for my guests. Unsurprisingly this has resulted in me not enjoying giving dinner parties and so for the last one, Steve and I decided on an Indian menu using recipes from this blog.  Steve managed to cook a delicious meal for six people within 90 minutes while I had a manicure and pedicure in the next room.  Our guests had a fabulous evening and everyone raved about the food.  Steve can definitely do the cooking going forward!

This recipe is a great starter for a stress-free dinner party as it looks colourful and you can do most of the preparation well in advance.

Walnut bread

I created this recipe for pull-apart walnut bread as part of the menu for my penultimate exam for my Cordon Bleu Diploma last year.  It is incredibly quick and easy and the resulting bread has a fluffy, soft texture and a slightly sweet, nutty taste.  It's very versatile and goes well with a multitude of dishes including carrot soup, cheese boards and goats cheese terrines.